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Red shrimps tartare, Osietra Giaveri caviar and tangerine gazpacho 


Roasted carrot, ferment black garlic, Japanese mayo and spinach leaves


Seared ravioli with monkfish and cardoncelli mushrooms and 36 months Parmigiano fondue 


Glazed escarole, teriyaki, loomi and red miso with beer


Pink grapefruit and Carpano bitter jelly 


Tuna tataki, wasabi mousse and green olives 

Pairing with sake tonic


Chocolate, raspberries and cream ice-cream

45€ per person - service and water included

WEDNESDAY 14-02-2024


egg - pecorino - toasted seaweed

venison - blueberries - cauliflower - lime

rice - cheese - cocoa

Small bakery

lemon - amaranth - pepper meringue - grapes


GIOVEDÌ 14-12-2023



Albacore tuna tartare, toasted hazelnuts, Japanese mayonnaise and watercress

Raw scampi, yogurt foam and black lime

Spaghettino Monograno Felicetti, smoked butter, lemon and tuna bottarga

Small bakery


peanut butter ice cream, salted caramel, vanilla mousse and popcorn

GIOVEDÌ 30-11-2023

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